Welcome to our new website

We have migrated to a new website which includes our new company logo and branding. Just as we help clients navigate change across the Financial Markets, it’s important we reflect on our purpose to ensure we make a relevant contribution to the industry. Refreshing the website and our brand is certainly one way to ensure we reflect on who we are and what we offer.

Non-Cleared Margining – APRA CPS226 Update

APRA’s update to CPS226 the other day mainly related to clarification on aspects of substituted compliance. While everyone is focused on non-cleared margining, especially those taking effect 1 Sept 2017, firms should not forget to work through the Risk Mitigation requirements outlined in section 71-95, taking effect 1 March 2018. Especially where similar requirements dealing with counterparties under EMIR and Dodd Frank were avoided or not implemented.